Sísifo Educational Sciences Journal Educational Sciences R&D Unit of the University of Lisbon  Edited by Rui Canário and Jorge Ramos do Ó ISSN: 1646-6500

The title chosen for this journal requires a brief explanation. Human beings are the only beings in the universe constantly searching to get more knowledge about it, which is inherent to their survival and to the affirmation of their human condition. As inquisitive beings, they are condemned to learning and self-interrogation, which is a permanent and never ending task, since it implies questioning the results obtained and always beginning again. On the other hand, knowledge production takes different forms, including scientific knowledge. This kind of knowledge is distinct from other kinds of knowledge because it is systematic and because of a conscious and explicit use of a method, which is permanently subjected to meta-analysis, both individually and collectively. Scientific work is, therefore, a constant search for truth through a kind of knowledge which is always provisional and conjectural and empirically refutable. Besides, the recognition of the need for this constant recommencement is historically illustrated by the rediscovery of theories which had been ignored in their time and were later brought to light (as in the case of the heliocentric theory of Aristarchus), or by the rediscovery of visionaries who anticipated today’s problems (Ivan Illich is one example). It is from these characteristics of scientific work that it is possible to compare the human adventure in the search for knowledge with Sisyphus fate of incessantly restarting the same task.